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About Us

Bright Start Speech and Language Pathology is a full service agency comprised of a team of energetic and talented professionals. We are experienced working with children with varying degrees of Speech and Language delays and disorders including babies with feeding and
swallowing deficits, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and school-aged children with learning disabilities. Our therapists are fully licensed by the state of New York and are certified by theĀ American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Victoria Aybinder M.A.,CCC-SLP and Janet Gayetsky M.A.,CCC-SLP co-founded Bright Start Speech and Language Pathology. They are highly certified licensed Speech-Language Pathologists who evaluate and treat all disorders of human communication. They have gained their vast expertise in many therapeutic settings including: private clinical settings, hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, and homecare settings. As the practice grew, Victoria and Janet went on to hire many more providers who share the same values and principles and a genuine desire to enhance the communication abilities in children.

Our mission is to provide quality evaluative and therapeutic speech and language services.

Our aim is to foster and promote the child’s development to their fullest potential. Through our services, children are empowered to utilize our strategies in their daily routines which will maximize their ability to participate in their environment. We foster a collaborative environment where we treat parents as partners and work with other specialists to ensure your children receive the widest range of therapeutic options.

We offer a full range of speech services which include a wide range of evaluations and treatment. Our therapists are fully equipped to provide bilingual services in a multitude of languages.